Friday, May 18, 2007

2003 Switchfoot Concert Bootleg

I said before I wasn't going to upload any bootlegs, because you could get them other places. However, Switchfeed uploaded a ZIP file (located here) that contained an entire bootlegged concert from 2003. Some readers commented on not having available bandwidth to download an entire concert, or simply wanted to listen to individual tracks. So created a separate page to host the entire concert, in individual tracks. Enjoy!

Remember to Right Click and select "Save As..."

Track listing:
1. Intro
2. Meant To Live
3. You Already Take Me There
4. This Is Your Life
5. Learning To Breathe
6. The Loser
7. Spirits In The Material World (Police cover)
8. Company Car
9. Gone
10. More Than Fine
11. Only Hope
12. Dare You To Move
13. Twenty-Four
14. Ammunition
15. New Way To Be Human
16. Encore Break
17. The Beautiful Letdown

Thanks to Switchfeed and whoever recorded this originally.

If anyone has the missing track(s), please let me know and I'll post them. Also, if Switchfoot Bootlegs uploads this as individual tracks on their website, I'll probably remove this post. Simply because they started uploading bootlegs first, and I'm not going to wade into their territory. Besides, their blog looks nicer :)

Edit: Thanks to SwitchFeed and it's readership, the remaining tracks from this concert are available. I uploaded them to here as well, just in case we need them. know...reasons. Which will come to me. At a later time. Tomorrow.


Phil said...

you're a cool one.

stonewall10 said...

r those unreleased/rare songs entirely legal to put up? hehe...

Thanks tho!

Alex Welgraven said...

Thanks phil

As far as legality is concerned...meh...legality is a yuppie word. I explained before that this is intended not as a way to pirate switchfoot's stuff, but to get their harder to find material out in the open for fans to enjoy

I'll bet most Switchfoot fans have never heard Insult Like The Truth or Old Borego. Yet Switchfoot's goal (I should think) is to get music into the hands of it's fans.

If I get told to take this or anything else down by the band, I'll do so. But I doubt they mind.

The record companies on the other hand...

ErBear said...

this concert is hilareous. I dont think the guy recording likes swf very much. during learning to breathe he said, "I didnt come to hear you sing!" and in the loser he makes fun of the ohohohs. haha. its funny listening to him. and I love the police cover. great find!

HaLe Black said...


btw, is this the same album Best of Bootlegs volume 1 i've heard?

thanks much! :)