Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Beautiful Letdown Special Edition w/Bonus DVD Collection

After Switchfoot's breakout album, "The Beautiful Letdown" started moving up the charts, the record label felt the need to rerelease the album under the guise of a special edition. Although the album stayed exactly the same, the special edition housed new cover art, and more importantly, a bonus DVD. Included was the first (and in my opinion better) version of the music video for "Dare You To Move," along with a behind the scenes look at the video, and a sneak peak of Switchfootage, which was to release later that year. Arguably the best feature of the DVD, however, was something for more intimate. Before Switchfoot opens for a sold out crowd, an assistant tells Jon that there's a crowd of people outside, because they're is no room for them in the venue. So what does he do? Something only Switchfoot would. Goes outside, acoustic guitar in hand, and treats the audience to a stripped down version of On Fire.

There is nothing like Switchfoot. Nothing.

Dare You To Move (First Version)(Music Video)
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Low Quality

The Making of Dare You To Move
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Low Quality

On Fire - Live Acoustic Performance
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Some Switchfootage
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stonewall10 said...

OMG! You are seriously awesome! Awesome Awesome! haha.

Keep up the good work man!

tim said...

do you happen to have 'i could sing of your love forever' sung by switchfoot?

would just like to hear their take on it... :)~!

Anonymous said...

You are the best!