Friday, May 4, 2007

Switchfoot Exclusive/Unreleased/Rare Song Collection

Hopefully this will be one of the more frequently updated posts on this blog. It's here where I'll post MP3's of Switchfoot's "harder to come by" material. I currently have 20 tracks that I'll be uploading eventually that have never been released to mainstream, or perhaps were off an obscure album. It should be noted that live recordings or bootlegs won't be shared here, because you can find them elsewhere.

Edit: I caved and uploaded all the tracks at once. Forgive me.

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1. Insult Like The Truth - Charlie Peacock featuring Switchfoot
-Charlie Peacock, as early fans of Switchfoot may know, started the indie label Re:think that Switchfoot was originally signed to. They released three albums (Legend Of Chin, New Way To Be Human, and Learning To Breathe) with this label before moving on to record "The Beautiful Letdown." Peacock, besides running a label, was also a recording artist in the CCM market. He released the album "Full Circle," in which he recorded songs of his own, with artists he'd helped discover. Switchfoot was one of those artists. Though they don't sing any lyrics, you can hear them throughout the track, doing back-up vocal duty. A good listen overall. Enjoy!

2. New Way To Be Human (Remix) - Switchfoot
-This song was remixed and placed on the album "MixDown," a collection of remixed tracks by ForeFront records. This isn't one of the better Switchfoot tracks I've ever heard, simply because the original version is far better than this, but perhaps hardcore fans will appreciate it more than me. Enjoy!

3. The Sound In My Mouth - Switchfoot

4. The Shadow Proves The Sunshine (Remix) - Switchfoot

5. Spirit - Switchfoot

6. Revenge - Switchfoot

7. Old Borego - Switchfoot

8. Oh! Gravity (In Studio) - Switchfoot

9. Oh! Gravity (Acoustic) - Switchfoot

10. Monday Comes Around - Switchfoot

11. I Dare You To Move (Second Version) - Switchfoot

12. Good Night Punk - Switchfoot

13. Dirty Second Hands (Second Version) - Switchfoot

14. Daylight To Break - Switchfoot

15. Crazy In Love (Beyonce Cover) - Switchfoot

16. C'mon C'mon - Switchfoot

17. C'mon C'mon (Remix) - Switchfoot

18. Burn Out Bright (Acoustic) - Switchfoot

19. Sooner Or Later (New Version from Elektra Soundtrack) - Switchfoot

20. Evergreen - Switchfoot

21. Deathbead - Relient K featuring Jon Foreman

22. Someday We'll Know - Mandy Moore & Jon Foreman
-One of my favorite rare songs. Found on the soundtrack to the movie that made Switchfoot famous, "A Walk To Remember."

23. TN Bwoys vs. You Already Take Me There - Grits vs. Switchfoot
-Found on the album, "Smash-Ups." I was hoping this would contain the music of Grits and the vocals of Switchfoot, but sadly, it's the other way around. Still, an interesting and somewhat rare addition to the Switchfoot musical arsenal.