Sunday, June 10, 2007

Switchfoot Bro-Am '07 Interview

Everything you wanted to know about the Bro-Am, and more - this fan-produced interview seeks to go deeper than the tabloids in discussing the annual surfing-and-music festival (from which all proceeds go to local charities), with Tim Foreman from the San Diego band Switchfoot (who started the event). Enjoy!

a note from alex: This is only half mine...or maybe a third or something. A bunch of people who should be thanked sent a bunch of stuff to Phil at Switchfeed, who in turn, sent it to me. I edited and sent it to Phil where he posted it on YouTube. He wanted to wait a while before posting it for download so it got some YouTube exposure. Anyway, enjoy.

Right Click and select "Save As..." to download. Enjoy!

Switchfoot Bro-Am '07 Interview
Download (320x240 MPEG-4)
Download (640x480 MPEG-4)

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