Sunday, December 30, 2007

Switchfoot: Live At The Ventura Theatre

Live at Ventura Theatre is a live performance DVD featuring the rock band, Switchfoot. It was recorded live March 29, 2007 on one of the stops on the bands Spring Tour. The DVD was first released on the band's online store November 21, 2007 and shipped December 9, 2007.

To download, right click the link and select "Save As..." Keep in mind that this is a huge, huge, HUGE download. Enjoy!

Download (MPEG-4, 833 MB)

Bonus songs are now online

Company Car (Watch or Download)
Burn Out Bright (Watch or Download)
We Are One Tonight (Watch or Download)


Nicklas said...

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Job said...

Maybe u should take this down... its still readily available for sale...

Alex Welgraven said...

I understand your point Job, but the fact of the matter is, it's only available in the NTSC Video format, meaning only North American's can view it.

Job said...

Oic... makes sense...

hey, whats the picture dimensions of this video? I dont wanna DL it to find out, cuz it'll waste your bandwith and I already have the dvd, n/e ways... =p just curious

Alex Welgraven said...

I can't remember if it's originally fullscreen or widescreen, but i'd wager it's:

Fullscreen: 640x480
Widescreen 640x360

But I'd have to check for sure

Job said...

ok. thanks!

Joe said...

hey buddy,
thanks for this upload,
I was going to buy it from the bandfarm store til I realised that it was the American region...I live in England and there's not much switchfoot content that I can get my hands on, so your site has been brilliant.
Just one thing- was there a bonus section with company car, burn out bright, and we are one tonight on it?
I've been looking round forums and things and that was what I've heard-is there any chance of getting that?
Thanks for running this great site...
God bless
(by the way my blogger site is totally bare so if you get round to replying, its probably best to go find me on facebook- is my email.)

Joe said...

You hero :)

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i just want to know, what player that u use to play this video? Or you can send / just let me know site (url) where I can download the player..

Please, I have download this movie full, but my windows media player classic can not open this video format..
Just send to my email

best regards,


Alejandro said...

Does anybody have/can rip mp3s of Company Car and Burn Out Bright please?

Anonymous said...

omg! i love you!
i was looking for this DVD a lot of time, because here in mexico any store have it =[


Anonymous said...

if you put up Switchfootage2 you'd be my savior. My dvd is 1500 miles away at home and I'm here at college. :)

shinichi said...

thanks for posting this one! i had a difficult time looking for this release. also, do you have the video of the the best yet live in nashville. hope you could post it. Godbless you and your site!