Sunday, January 27, 2008

You Already Take Me There - Music Video

Great song, great video.

Download (Right Click, Save As...): High Quality

Watch: Here


ChattE DEE said...

nice blog!! It's kewl!

kahh said...

hey, I liked the blog... but could upload the videos in VOB... Because Quality it's better than MP4!!!

Alex Welgraven said...

Probably no VOBs, mostly because I like to upload everything in the same format, and not everything is available as a DVD Rip. MP4 is a widely accessible format, and since I encode them in the H.264 format, the quality is pretty outstanding.

KaLL said...

Okay.. U R right, for the blog MP4 is better MP4! =]
But could you upload only Dare You To Move (First Version)(Music Video)in VOB for me? 'Cause I couldn't find it anywhere in vob!
Thanks and very appreciate!